Sorento, Illinois​

​1st Avenue Acres

Emert Miss Urban Thunder Paint C 16

Thunder is just lovely!  We were happy to pick her up in early 2015.  Looking forward to her kids out of TAZ in late December! Should be a great cross with her Lazy S-T Outback Jack genetics!

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10672003

DOB: 9/5/2014

MRCS Rosa Belle

Flush sister to Red Rose above, but Belle got all the spots!​  Lovely doe who paints her kids up really nicely!  WILL BE FOR SALE WHEN SHE KIDS IN EARLY JAN! We've decided we just need one of these girls!

We are centrally located in Illinois, and easy to find, halfway between St. Louis MO and Springfield IL, just 5 miles off Interstate 55.  

The coffee pot is always on!

MRCS Red Rose

Rosie is a real power-house! (We also have her spotted twin sister, MRCS Rosa Belle.) The top of Rosie's pedigree brings in the spots through our original Ice Man buck!  Her dam is Rose Y311, a RRD Hammer Time daughter! We have one of Rosie's daughters for sale now!

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10671410

DOB: 7/18/2013

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10536713


1AA Copper Penny

Penny is a homegrown spotted doe out of our previous black & white spotted Coppertox son and a red doe from our friend, Darwin McLeod. Penny produced a heck of a red keeper doe her first kidding with Ice Man! 

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10634644

DOB: 6/10/2013

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10636946

DOB: 12/5/2012

Our Breeding Does

1AA Perfect Snow Storm

Yes, she is as good as she looks! Oh my, if you get a chance to pick a kid up out of her, you better jump on it!  Half sister to our Ice Man buck!

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10636945

DOB: 12/6/2012

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10595849

DOB: 12/24/2012

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10694850

DOB: 3/17/14

1AA Sangria on Ice - Red Rose's daughter out of Ice Man.  For Sale! 

CR Boers Good Times

She's a traditional beauty with some of the best genetics you could pack in a doe - AABG/Loid Covergirl *EN on top AND bottom (she's one of my all time fav trad does!). Her sire is 2DOX Crown Royal and her dam is out of 2DOX Righteous *EN and a AABG/Loid King's Ransom dtr!  Geez.  Good stuff!

Quality Boer Plaination

We call her Polly, because her name is...well...the kind that needs a barn name. "Polly" has it going on! Genetics out the wha-zoo! Sired by 2Dox Lethal Target (AABG NBD Lethal and Fern Hollow Farm Chocolate Diamonds son!) and dam is a son of Agnew's Son of a Gun *EN (out of Gunsmoke *EN) and EGGS Marilyn *EN! We'll see if we can pull that FHF color through!

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10609299

DOB: 2/17/2013

Fullbood Doe
ABGA: #10594362

DOB: 12/28/2011

Polly came to us bred to STCRF Masterpiece (#10680026)! If you are looking for some outstanding traditional babies early in 2016, let us know! Look him up - he's awesome - these kids will be *wow*!
MORE of our Breeding stock coming soon! Please check back!

Come See Us!

Hollingsworth Boer Goats FireN Smoke

Fire was our purchase from the Winner's Circle sale in Nov. Look at her!  We couldn't be happier!  Collateral Damage, FHF Indian Outlaw and FHF Red Rock E Top on top; Lazy ST Red Baron and Emmert Farms genetics on bottom!  Breeding her to TAZ for spring 2016!

HSFG Hillside Rats Miss Abeline

BIG red doe with a few white spots from Rodney Meyer.  We have a June 1 2015 buck on the ground from her and Ice Man that is one of the top bucks we've ever had hit the ground.  He was great on day one...and he gets better every day! Watch for him!

Snow Storm's dam...CRCR 1st Avenue Snow Flurry!  She's our Ice Man's momma, too.  What a gal!  Sold.

Rollin R Catch Twenty-Two

"Cat" is one of our favorites! We had been keeping an eye out for a Sawyer's Uzi daughter, and luckily Chris & Kelsey Radloff let one go!