Sorento, Illinois​

​1st Avenue Acres

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Georgia Peach Production Sale!

Join us in Georgia! We are consigning 7 outstanding lots to the Georgia Peach Sale! Join us in GA or watch on DVAuction & we'll transport back for you!

Welcome to 1st Avenue Acres in Illinois.  We're so glad you stopped by!  
We have been raising registered Boer goats since January 2006, and we had good 'ole brush goats before that, so we've been around the goat business for a while.  Within the Boer industry, our passion has always been color!  We proudly offered some of the first black Boers in the Midwest; and several years ago, we did the same with the spotted Boers.  We keep about 30 breeding does and 2 or 3 herd sires. You won't see the most goats in our pastures, but you're sure to see some of the best. Come on by and take a look.  The coffee pot is always on!                     - Tim & Misty Borrowman

Raising Colorful Boer Goats in IL since 2006

Check out our Spotted, Dappled, Black, Red & Traditional 1st Avenue Acres Boer Goats for Sale, and pick the next additions to your herd today.  But hurry...they go FAST!

             Welcometo 1st Avenue Acres, colored Boer Goats for sale

We love our colored Boers, but we insist they be quality.  We demand breed character, fast growth, hardiness, fertility, and mothering ability....and we have lots of fun with color along the way. Boer Goat Breeders; 1st Avenue Acres Boer Goats for Sale; Spotted and Dappled Boer Goats.